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[button color=”blue”]Blue[/button][button color=”purple”]Purple[/button][button color=”green”]Green[/button][button color=”gold”]Gold[/button][button color=”wine”]Wine[/button][button color=”orange”]Orange[/button][button color=”black”]Black[/button]


[show_shortcode][button href=”” color=”” target=”” id=””]Label[/button][/show_shortcode]


  • hrefLink to follow when clicked Example:
  • colorColor of the button Example: blue, purple, green gold, wine orange, black
  • targetTarget attribute for the link Example: _blank
  • idAdds an ID attribute to the button element

Paypal Button

The paypal button is a powerful shortcode that you may include in the content area of any service you add to Brick and Mortar. This button will automatically use the price, title and other attributes that you have saved with your item. Optionally, you may override the inherited settings using the available attributes listed below.

[paypal_button]Buy Now![/paypal_button]

[show_shortcode][paypal_button]Buy Now![/paypal_button][/show_shortcode]


  • currencySpecify the currency code for the payment Example: USD, CAD, EUR
  • priceSpecify the price for the item (optional). If no price is specified, the price saved with the WordPress item will be used.
  • paypal_emailSpecify your paypal email address (optional). If no email is specified the WordPress Admin user email will be used.
  • titleAdds an ID attribute to the button element
  • idSpecify the item ID that is sent to paypal (optional). If no ID is specified, the ID of the WordPress item will be used.
  • button_colorChoose the color of button Example: blue, purple, green gold, wine orange, black

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