The 5 F’s of Aikido:

Fudoshin Aikikai April 2013 131

1. Self-defence: Aikido offers very effective techniques for neutralizing any type of attack: single attacker, multiple attackers, larger and faster attackers, armed attackers.


2. Fitness: Aikido develops the five elements of physical fitness: balance, flexibility, strength, aerobic capacity (endurance) and coordination.

Fudoshin Aikikai April 2013 122

3. Self-confidence: Over time, practitioners develop a calmness and serenity in situations which would have previously caused stress and anxiety.


4. Fellowship: Friendships flourish in an environment that is respectful, equal and dedicated to harmony.

Fudoshin Aikikai April 2013 236

5. Fun: Aikido classes are opportunities to learn new skills, new attitudes and new traditions, in collaboration with like-minded individuals.