Aikido is ideal for all types of practitioners.


• Kids will like the physical activity, the gross-motor movements, the camaraderie, the rolls, etc.


• Older practitioners will appreciate the low-impact nature of Aikido. While techniques involve throws, practitioners learn to fall without injuring themselves. Because the techniques blend with the natural movement of the human body, injuries are rare.


• Women appreciate the “non-macho” nature of Aikido: given that it works by redirecting the attacker’s energy, Aikido is not dependent upon brute strength but rather upon flexibility, movement and balance.


• Athletic practitioners will appreciate the “elastic” nature of Aikido: with the right partner, you can practice as hard as you wish.

Fudoshin Aikikai April 2013 340

• Sports-averse practitioners will like the fact that Aikido is non-competitive, that you learn at your own pace in a supportive and constructive atmosphere.