Member of the United States Aikido Federation

Fudoshin Aikikai is a member in good standing of the United States Aikido Federation. The USAF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to spreading and maintaining the Japanese martial art of Aikido as created and exemplified by it’s founder, Morihei Ueshiba. It not only oversees the practice of Aikido and its instruction as established by Hombu dojo, the international headquarters in Japan, but also develops and maintains rigorous technical standards, while advancing and promoting the practice of Aikido through various activities. The USAF registers Dan grades directly with Hombu headquarters, while standardizing all ranking requirements consistent with Hombu’s international regulations. The USAF also organizes, promotes and conducts Aikido demonstrations and international seminars, encourages activities of member dojos, and researches, studies and publishes information and materials pertaining to Aikido.

Advancement and Promotions

Aikido is a martial art in the Japanese tradition. In this tradition, a practitioner’s standing is identified by his/her belt. Fudoshin Aikikai has adopted the traditional practice of colour-coding the belts in order to identify the rank of the practitioner.

Belt Colour “Kyu” or “Dan” Rank Practice Days Videos of test requirements*
White 6thKyu 20 6th kyu grading
Yellow 5thKyu 40 5th kyu grading
Orange 4thKyu 80 4th kyu grading
Green 3rdKyu 100 3rd kyu grading
Blue 2ndKyu 200 2nd kyu grading
Brown 1stKyu 300  
Shodan** 1stDan 300  
Nidan** 2ndDan 600  
Sandan** 3rdDan 700  

* Videos gratefully provided by Claude Berthiaume Shihan of Aikido de la Montagne in Montreal, member of the USAF Technical Committee

** Black belt

Advancement is accomplished by “gradings”, where the practitioner demonstrates his/her level of skill to the teaching staff and colleagues. Practitioners are eligible to grade once they have achieved the number of practice days above. Grading requirements are established by the United States Aikido Federation and the 2017 requirements can be found here.

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