Fudoshin Aikikai History

– Tony Cumby began a campaign to open an aikido club for the staff at St, Clare’s Mercy Hospital LeMarchant Rd. St. John’s. Tony approached the St. Clare’s Fitness Club (SCFC) to purchase mats, which could be used for a variety of programs, including aikido that could be offered to their members. SCFC agreed on the condition that if SCFC members underutilized the mats then BOG aikido club would purchase them from SCFC.
– Three members joined the fledgling club. Tony Card, Brian Harris and Ron Francis. Together as charter members they formed Bunch Of Guys (BOG) Aikido club.
– Practice was held in the south lecture room in the basement of St. Clare’s Morrissey wing, which later became the carpentry shop.

2000 – 2001
– Brian Harris proposed a name change from BOG Aikido to Fudoshin Aikido. The term ‘Fudoshin’ literally means’ immovable heart’ but is generally accepted to mean unshakable calm and courage without recklessness.
– Practice continued with many health care staff including SCFC members attending classes.

– In the fall of 2005 the health care administration had determined that the south Lecture room was to be re-purposed and would become the carpentry shop.
– Fudoshin Aikido purchased the mats from the SCFC and relocated to the gymnasium at the Waterford Hospital.
– The club formed an executive and Tony Cumby was voted unanimously to become the clubs first President.
– Tom Alteen Sensei (Nidan) contacted Tony Cumby to join the club and as senior rank assumed the role of chief instructor and Dojo Cho.
– An executive was formed which included a vice president, treasurer and secretary.
– Very shortly after its activation, the executive determined that membership would be extended to include the general public.
– Under Alteen Sensei’s direction the club was registered with the United Stated Aikido Federation (USAF) and was given the official designation of ‘Aikikai’ meaning school of Aikido. Fudoshin Aikikai was born.
– Alteen sensei suggested organizing a local seminar to foster inter-school friendships.
– Alteen Sensei’s long-term goal was to host a major seminar with an invited Shihan from the USAF.

2006 – 2007
– Under the direction of Alteen Sensei, Fudoshin hosted the first annual Graham Burt Memorial Aikido seminar. It consisted of local black belt instructors from various schools in the city coming together to practice in the spirit of friendship.
– A constitution was developed and ratified on October 15th 2007.
– It was determined by the membership and entrenched in the constitution that Fudoshin Aikikai would be a not-for profit organization administered by an executive as directed by the membership.
– Technical instruction would be overseen by the Dojo-Cho who would follow the teaching directives of the USAF. Furthermore the atmosphere of the Dojo would honour Graham Burt Sensei who was the first Sensei for several of the members.
– Bill McDonald Shidoin (4th Dan) approached Alteen Sensei to request membership for both himself and Kevin McDonald Shidoin (5th Dan). In discussion with the executive, membership was granted to both Kevin Sensei and Bill Sensei.
– A short time later, Kevin McDonald Sensei assumed the role of Dojo-Cho.
– Sensei Bill McDonald contacted Donovan Waite Shihan to arrange for him to teach at our annual Burt Memorial Aikido Seminar hosted by Fudoshin Aikikai in St. John’s

– Donovan Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar for the first time, held in the aula of St. Bonaventure’s School.
– Fudoshin Aikikai was forced to leave the Waterford Hospital due to changes in health care policy regarding facility usage.
– Roland Skinner secured a new location on Water St. at Elton’s Fighting Systems,
– Our first black belt grading, Alex Lau and Tony Cumby attained the rank of Shodan.

– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar in the aula of St. Bonaventure’s School
– Mike Skipton Sensei (Sandan) joins our club.

– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar in the gym of St. Bonaventure’s School
– Alteen Sensei retires from practice.

– Our Dojo relocates once again. Holy Cross Elementary School becomes our new home
– Dave Hanames sensei of Hydro Aikikai in cooperation with Alex Lau sensei formerly of Hydro Aikikai donated a Kamiza (handmade by Hanames sensei) and half of their mats to our dojo.
– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar in the gym at Holy Cross Elementary

– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar in the gym of Holy Cross Elementary.
– Our first female promotion to black belt was Collette Phillips, who began with Fudoshin in the Waterford Hospital gym in 2006.
– Our leadership changes as both Bill McDonald Shidoin and Kevin McDonald Shidoin (Dojo Cho) retire from aikido practice.
– Mike Clair Sensei Yondan assumes the role of head teacher and Dojo Cho.

– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar in the gym at Holy Cross Elementary

– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar for our final year at Holy Cross Elementary.
– Considerable time spent locating and arranging a new location for Fudoshin.
– Move into our new home – St. Teresa’s School Mundy Pond Rd.

– Waite Sensei joins us again to teach at our annual seminar at St. Teresa’s School.
– Juan Hiedra successfully completes the Shodan grading by Waite Sensei.
– Clair Sensei and Cumby Sensei teach Jo and Boken class in to Karate club in Gander.

– Waite Sensei teaches at our 10th annual seminar in our Dojo at St. Teresa’s
– Two of our members, Dave Hill and Greg Baker were successful candidates in a 1st Kyu grading by Derm McDonald Rokudan Shihan and Neil Quigly Godan of the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland.
– Alex Lau Sensei (Nidan) retires from practice.

– Waite Sensei teaches at our annual seminar in our Dojo at St. Teresa’s, excellent attendance representing all local Dojos. Great time had by all.
– Our new friends from Lunenberg Aikikai joined us for this year’s seminar.