Our regular Saturday morning class will be cancelled on May 11th so that we may attend a seminar hosted by the East End Aikido Dojo. Here are the details:

LOCATION  Lantern, Barnes Road

Cost $20

Registration  8:30  a.m.

9:00- 9:50 a.m. Kids class 

10:00-10:50 Regular class  Mike Clair Shodan

11 am-11:50 a.m. Regular class

noon-1 Regular Class   Shihan  D MacDonald 

PARKING: there is some parking near Lantern entrance. There is lots in front of Basilica…on right facing church. Then just to right of sign saying Presentation Convent there’s a path leading to Barnes Rd and Lantern ..2 minute walk ..Hope to see you there

EAST END AIKIDO NL      https://eeaikido.blogspot.ca/    OR CONTACT EEAIKIDO@GMAIL.COM

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