Here it is, mid-August, and Covid-19 continues to rage. As such, it is not safe to practice Aikido in the traditional manner, that is, by practicing very closely with others in an indoors setting. So we are adapting: we have shifted to weapons classes outdoors, where we can practice social distancing.

Classes now take place in Bannerman Park, on the Military Road side of the park, on Saturday mornings, from 9:30 to 10:30. Students are encouraged to wear their gi and to bring their weapons, if they have them. If not, we will provide weapons at the class. Parking is easily found around the park at that time of the morning.

Practicing outdoors is a great change of pace from indoors classes! Of course, classes are weather-dependent and a cancellation message will be sent out with as much advance notice as possible if bad weather is anticipated.

Weapons training is an integral part of Aikido practice. O Sensei spent a great deal of time training his students in the use of the staff and the wooden sword. The weapons are an extension of the body and the more we practice with them, the better we become at empty-handed defensive techniques. At Fudoshin, we have not practiced extensively with weapons in the past, however the pandemic is presenting us with a unique opportunity to focus on this aspect of the practice. It is an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone any good!

We hope to see as many of you at Bannerman Park on Saturday mornings as possible. We miss you all!

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