Michael Skipton

Mike Skipton has been a student of Aikido for over 20 years, and is currently ranked Third Dan. He joined an Aikido club in St. John’s as a way to keep fit. He soon found, however, that “it got into his head,” as nothing else matters when you are on the mat. He has found that, on top of helping towards physical fitness, Aikido is an effective means for mental relaxation and stress reduction. Becoming centred in oneself and in the “here and now” can be learned through practising Aikido and can be applied in other areas of one’s life.

He has visited and practised in dojos in Canada, the United States and England. As for all aikidoists, his style of Aikido is his own, as a synthesis of what he has learned – and he is still learning. If he has a motto for aikido it is “Relax, Move and Act.” What else is there?

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