Mike Clair

Mike Clair is the Head Teacher of Fudoshin Aikikai. He has been practicing Aikido since 1981. He acquired his shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1990, his nidan (2nd degree) in 2004, his sandan (3rd degree) in 2008 and his yondan (4th degree) in 2012. Mike has been part of the Fudoshin family since 2008.

In his teaching, Mike attempts to maintain a balance between the “martial” and the “art” of Aikido. He focuses on the precise execution of movement, as it is from this precision that power arises, while also encouraging the improvisation required to deal with unexpected situations. He fuses the five elements of physical fitness (strength, flexibility, balance, aerobics and coordination) into his teaching of Aikido.

O Sensei’s genius was to discover a way to defend oneself effectively against all types of attacks (strikes, holds, knife, sword, multiple attackers, etc.), without causing serious harm to one’s opponents. Mike emphasizes how to neutralize attacks safely, for both attacker and defender.

Mike is now retired after a nearly 40-year career in government and university. He is married to Mary Win and has two grown sons, André and Luc.